eBook Transfer to iPad/iPhone

The Lulu eBook version of the comic can also be transfered to your iPad/iPhone after purchasing it for your desktop. There are a few ways to do this.

1) Transfering the epub file from Lulu using iTunes synching. Instructions found here

2) Third party eReader apps can also be used on the iPad to read the Lulu epub file.
-Plug your iPad/iPhone into your desktop.
-Open iTunes
-select your iPad device
-click on the apps menu
-scroll down to the File Sharing section
-select the eReader app of your choice
-click the “…add” button
-find and select the epub file
-wait for the transfer to finish, then check the eReader app on your iPad/iPhone to make certain the file transfered with no errors

While most ebook reading apps will technically work, we recommend Apadi Reader as it doesn’t seem to clip the comic images down.


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