New Preview Images

Here are some more preview images from my upcoming comic series Tomorrow Jones. Art by Johan Manandin


3 comments on “New Preview Images

  1. smouse says:

    hey, I really appreciate that you’re working on a less-sexualized, more authentic female superhero. but the page (on the kickstarter) that showed the confrontation with the green-shirted girl had a really gratuitous boob shot kind of made me wonder how thoroughly you and your artist are going to extend that philosophy towards other female characters…?

    • Thanks for commenting. That’s a rather important question, so I’ll try to give it a proper lengthy answer.

      When defining the universe Tomorrow lives in, I was faced with the decision of how her universe was going to work. Would everyone, or at least most characters, also be less sexualized? I ultimately decided it would serve the story better if Tomorrow were unique amongst the heroes and heroines in her world. Her mother wears a revealing costume, most female heroes will. But Tomorrow doesn’t. Tomorrow is bucking tradition and trying to do things her own way. She will face pressure to conform and act like everyone else. That is going to be an active conflict in the series, but more so, it makes Tomorrow unique in her own story as well.

      Furthermore, in the real world many women wear revealing clothing. This is a matter of choice. Being a man, I can’t pretend to speak for them and their motivations. But I feel it would be unrealistic to depict all women dressing and acting exactly as Tomorrow herself chooses to. She will have peers who dress as she chooses to and share her philosophies, she will have some peers who do not.

      Addressing the specific panel you pointed out, I wish I could give you some more context without giving away the plot of the first issue. I will tell you as much as I can. The girl being turned upside down is a bully of sorts. Tomorrow has flipped her around in order to make a point. When I scripted the issue, I described her as being heavyset but strong, and wearing ill-fitting clothing. I wanted to imply visually that the bully came from a financially challenged family. “The boob-shot” as you refer to it was not in the script. I considered asking Johan to redraw that panel, but decided that given how I scripted the bully to be dressed in tattered clothing and the way Tomorrow is holding her upside down, the reveal of cleavage is more accidental and not meant to be provocative.

      I hope that answers your question, and feel free to ask anything else. These are important issues and we should have dialogues about them. 🙂

  2. […] written by Brian Daniel with artwork by Johan Manandin (check out his incredible pencils HERE), and is not your average superhero […]

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